How’s the View?

Through the Principal’s window I see so much and can only hope that I maintain some ability to see things from multiple perspectives.  Being an administrator, more specifically a Principal, in this landscape can be challenging.  My view can be limited by the laws, initiatives, needs, crises, evaluations, parent complaints, decisions that need attention and general chaos of each day.  That’s all there and a very real part of the daily life of a Principal.  Those things, however, are not the view I choose.

I choose a view of watching young readers stand with two books trying desperately to decide which one they will choose because they are only “allowed” one for today.  I simply see a child that deserves both books.  Why not?  Take them both I say as I lean over their small shoulder catching a glimpse of the chosen ones for that night’s read.  A beautiful six year old giggle escapes into the air as my eyes meet our librarian’s, a big smile on both of our faces as we watch her independently check out her own books and walk away feeling powerful and giddy as she prepares to dig into those amazing texts!

I choose a view of a group of students gathering for a book club to share their ideas about their chosen series and I hear one student say to another, “I hope you’ll share more today. We are really interested in what you have to say.”  I smile broadly and realize that the work we have so diligently done with social emotional learning is paying off for our learners!  They authentically encourage one another.

I choose a view of teachers working together to learn and grow within their reading workshop.  Teachers who have chosen to engage in meaningful and rich reading and conversation that is paired with an opportunity to watch, participate with coach support and show their new skills independently inside a classroom with THEIR kids!  This learning cycle model is a piece of job-embedded, on-site professional learning that positively impacts learners and instructors.  What an amazing thing to view.

I choose a view of my colleagues as learners, capable professionals and people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to grow loving, caring and voracious readers, writers, mathematicians, problem solvers and creators.  Adults who hold each other high in celebration and tightly in times of challenge.  I choose to view these people as facilitators and growers of intellect.  Will you join me as I embark on this blogging journey?  Sit back, relax and tag along as I continue to learn how to enjoy the view through… The Principal’s Window.